Hello Blog! (My “Hello World” post)

Well, here we go… the truth, it is not so simple to write the first “post” to someone at 18 years old with many things to say but with no idea about _how_ to say it in the right way… but I will do my best!

This morning when I woke up, on that moment while you doubt about getting out from your bed or not, a question came to my mind, a doubt that I want to share with my invisible readers (if they exist): are geeks born or made?

¿What would be my life without the machines? maybe an artist? a musician? It was in my genes this intensive attraction for software, networking and the virtual world which surround me every day?

When I was 10, my father gave me my first computer and it was love at first sight, in that time I was lucky to get in to the operating systems world using a Mac; on that days, the shadow of the empire had been covered a large part of the world.

On that point, I ask to myself: ¿What if the gift was a soccer ball or an electric guitar? maybe my intensive curiosity is just the result of the digital culture or it was written within my genes that I would enjoy the feeling of watch the dawn while I compile all the source code of KDE or GNOME?

I am not good making new friends neither… and it looks like I am not the only one, other particular feature of the “Computer Nerd” specie, which make me think that maybe the technology culture alienates our collective mind, explaining why our behaivor patterns are so similar between people so different… I mean, in every part of the world you can find a geek, right?

However it is, I am happy with myself about what I am… that strong feeling that I can’t avoid of learning how machines work inside, the software, Internet, everything. I am proud of being a geek… because I feel that my essence makes me free.

I know that if I am just 18 years old, I should be thinking in other things, playing video games the whole day or wasting my time watching TV… but, I can’t help, the question keep rounding my head…


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