Ok, let’s get the facts…

While I was trying to find a good idea to write my next post, I was checking my email and I found a pretty thing which I couldn’t avoid to share here. Before I show you the links of some curious images, I would like to say that I am a total fan of the Free Software movement and besides, I think it is not just a technological resource but a point of life about technology. Yes, I am just a kid, but I am not stupid and if I can choose, I choose to be free.

So far I browse the Internet, so far I wonder about the amount of forums and mailing lists where great battles are fought against and in favor of the Free Software or about Microsoft. Everybody say something, too many ideas around that sometimes the discussions get away from the technology issues.

Some days ago, I read an article which affirms that “Windows Vista helps to preserve the natural environment” [1] (the text is in Spanish, I found it while I was studying for my Spanish class), please! I am nobody around the world and I am just an 18 years old kid, but definitely I don’t buy that. Any way, there are too many fake ideas rounding the network, so I have decided to doubt of arguments (any of them!), because finally, anyone can say any crazy thing: “Buy Vista and help to find oil in Mars!” (I just invented right now, but I wouldn’t wonder if I found something like this in some institutional website of any company).

Due I don’t believe in reasons anymore, and from now I just believe in facts (following the advice from one of the Microsoft campaigns against the Free Software), I am going to spend my time, collecting the facts… and I am going to start with this jewel that I hadn’t to look for, because it finds me today:

I guess too few persons around the world missed the Olimpic Games opening ceremony, a magnanimus moment, unbelieveable, written with fire on the history pages of the human kind. Too euphoric? he he he, sorry, some times the emotions of the moment take me too far.

Ok, if you were witness and you are geek enough, I bet that you couldn’t ignore this popular message between the Microsoft Windows users. Do you remember this image?


Well, ok, someone could say that this is a fake picture, modified by bad intentioned people. So, let’s avoid the doubts. Here is the vídeo version too.

Yes, the famous and traditional blue screen of death, one of the most representative features of the Windows operating systems years ago, many years before my mother gave me my first computer.

Well, ok, maybe I am exaggerating or maybe I am just inventing all this. Maybe I need facts to demostrate what I am saying. Ooooops! wait a minute, what we got here?

The announcement of Windows 98, 10 years ago. In moments like this, I remember a quote I heard from my Algebra’s class teacher. It is a quote from a book called “The art of the war” [1], written by someone that I don’t know, but who is named Sun Tzu [2]:

Supreme excellence consists in breaking the enemy’s resistance without fighting”

Do I need to say more? What a good idea is “get the facts”. Thanks Microsoft!

PD: Make your own conclusions, you are the owner of your ideas. It’s skating time, later!

[1] http://www.microsoft.com/latam/prensa/2008/julio/energia.aspx

[2] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Art_of_War

[3] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sun_Tzu


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  1. Microsoft vs Free/Open Source Software: What’s the score right now? « Cibertito’s Weblog Says:

    […] After read these articles, I had the feeling that something big is coming up… but don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to sound radical, I mean, the empire isn’t over and surely, a lot of years will pass by before Microsoft loses its world wide monopoly. The real matter in question is: How much power is losing Microsoft? Do you dare to give a percent in relation to past years? This issue picked my curiosity, even more, when the Internet media is full of FUD and disinformation. For example, my programming teacher told me about a Microsoft’s Campaign called “Get the facts”. Did you know it? I wrote about it before. […]

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