P2P: The evil network

Ok, let’s blog again. In this time, I want to talk a little about what is going on with the P2P networks around the world. The last weekend, I was reading many news and forums (some recent, some older) related to ISP companies which are closing all the ports used by the p2p protocols. In many of this cases, by the “legal” pressure from big companies related with the movies and music industries.

Yes, maybe you can say: “Everybody already knows about it. That’s a very old story”. The curious thing, at least to me, it’s that every new day there are more and more controls over the p2p networks and if the tendency keeps, they will disappear in a future no so far. Is this right?

I understand the point about the copyright violations of many of the contents being shared through the p2p networks. The question is: ¿Where is the crime? ¿Where is the evil? in the contents or in the network? I feel really confused about it. I mean, guns don’t go to prison, but the men who pulled the trigger. P2P is not a crime, it is just a tool to share contents. ¿Is legal what ISP companies are doing? Because if it is right, then prisons should be full of guns.

Laws and civil rights are a complex whirlwind. I couldn’t be a lawyer and that’s a shame, because finally everyone of us must deal with laws all the time. If we don’t, ¿How can we defend our rights? ¿How can we detect when the law is broken against us?

Through the p2p networks, there is a lot of contents licensed under the terms of the Creative Commons. In that specific cases, ¿Where is the violation? ¿Where is the evil?

Too many questions in my head. Sorry, I am just a geek kid trying to understand this crazy world.


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