Google: Behind the screen

Yesterday, I found a very interesting video while I was browsing around YouTube. It’s a documentary called Behind the screen and it is about Google. This video makes a nice review about the company, its working environment, its vision and projections, how its engine works and what are the implications about its almost achieved monopoly in the search engines market.

I must say I really like it, because it made me think about a lot of things like the Internet government (if something like that exists), the Internet democracy (¿it’s for real?), the privacy of our private information and finally, how Google can become a filter of the world facts.

Yes, there are too many thoughts surrounding my mind right now. I mean, if Google has the absolute control of the “door” where the whole world looks for information, they will have control of many aspects of our lifes… it isn’t? As far as I can understand (remember, I am just 18 years old), Internet is having the same effect and power than the traditional media (TV and Press), so, if you have the power to show or hide the information, facts, opinions, etc, then you can handle or at least influence the way people think about something. Too paranoid? well, I prefer to be too paranoid than too naive and the geeky Google’s motto “Don’t be evil” is not a guarantee to me. Google has been buying Internet companies in the same way Microsoft does it, so, it looks like Google is changing the color of its skin. At least, it’s what I believe.

Still too much to think about it. Gmail and the way the personal emails are being indexed into the Google databases… I don’t know, something here smells like world domination using digital information as resource. Any way, the facts around Google make me feel confused… distrustful.

Maybe I am too idealistic, but if Internet is a common good, I would like to think that all the institutions in charge of its operation should be public, including the search engines, because after watching “Behind the screen“, it’s very clear to me that search engines are a very important part in the way that Internet works, so, they can not serve to particular or private interests. At least, this is my point of view.

To finish this post, I want to share with you a graffiti I read on my way coming back home:

“Absolute power corrupts absolutely”

Time to make my homework. See you until my next post!


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