Tennager == Stupid (???)

This time, I must admit I am upset (really). Last days it looks like everything what is happening around the world just matter for the “mature people”.

Ok, I am going to start from the beginning: a few days ago I was hearing two old guys talking about the presidential elections. I was curious about it, so I was paying attention… then, one of them told me: “Hey! kid, this is too complicated for you, go home and watch MTV “. I said nothing at all, I just got away from there, but I was so mad. I mean, ¿What is the concept that mature people have about tennagers?  ¿What do they think about young people? ¿What do they expect from us? As far as I can understand: NOT MUCH.

The stereotype I must deal with is unfair: watch tv the whole day, eat hamburgers, drink soda and maybe play with my skate some times. If you ask me: There’s no challenge about it. ¿What is the glory in living when everything is so simple? so boring? As far as I know, I have a brain and is working… and I expect a very amazing experience of living, at least greater than “watch MTV the whole day”. I can’t understand why, but mature people think that my life is an endless chapter of “American Pie” or something like that. I must say: my life is way more than that.

TV news, paper news, Internet news. The media is everywhere, don’t expect for me to not get curious about what is going on around the world. I live in this planet too, and I care about the future. ¿How smart I need to be to understand that mankind is destroying our natural resources? The truth is I feel disappointed about the way society looks at young people like me.

Well, I have a brain… enough to ask something like: ¿Where are the massive destruction weapons that President George Bush affirmed Irak had in 2002? A large war was the consequence of that fake reason, a lot of innocent lifes (even young people like me) were taken and of course, there was an economic interest behind everything. So awful! but it doesn’t matter… definitely, I am too young to understand the way the world works. Maybe I need to have the Einstein’s IQ to figure it out.

I have just one last question surrounding my head: If mature people “really” understand what is going on around this mad world… ¿Why does it seem they’re doing nothing about it?

I hope to grow up soon, and then… understand.


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2 Responses to “Tennager == Stupid (???)”

  1. snowrat Says:

    i totally agree with you: there are teens out there that are curious and want to know what is going on the “mad world”.
    And then everybody gets surprised when a 14 year old knows that Martin Luther King Jr. was a important person in the 60’s….
    I too hope to grow up and understand.

    Best wishes for your blog!

  2. cibertito Says:

    Thanks for your comment, my young friend. It’s great to find people like you around here 🙂

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