Video Games: The Interfaces evolution

A couple of days ago, I was playing with my cousin’s Wii console like I use to every week. For a moment, I couldn’t avoid thinking about the way the video games have evolved through time.
My uncle Bob talked to me about the games he played when he was a young guy. He talked to me about Atari 2600 consoles and its pretty simple interface. Inmediately, I started to search for videos, resources and pictures, including a documentary (History of Video Games) and I found it amazing. I mean, when I compare the current designs of interfaces with the first ones, I wonder about how far technology evolves (by the way, I found this interesting video about this specific topic. I guess this is NOT for young people, but for SMART young people).

When I think about past, I can’t imagine myself dealing with wired joysticks for example, or loading those big cassettes into the consoles. I must admit I am very happy because I was born a lot of years later, I guess the future is always prettier. Isn’t it?
But I must be fair too, I mean, part of the process of evolving is start from some point. All advanced designs start with a primitive idea. In the case of games, I must say the Atari joystick was a revolutionary proposal at its time.

I could focus just on the hardware interfaces and joysticks, but games have evolved in many aspects. When I was watching a video of Space Invader, I couldn’t believe it. That was the way kids got fun at 80’s??? (pour kids! including my uncle). I’m trying to be honest, I mean, it’s so boring. But of course, I can’t avoid to compare it with Counter Strike or Unreal Tournament. Yes, evolution… some things happened between the first one and the last one (Just right now I remembered Mario Bros.). Too many years, too many new ideas, thousands of programmers, innovation and of course, a *lot* of money.

I think video games aren’t just video games anymore. I mean, it’s a whole market of many products; when you think about a game, you should think in more than a DVD: shirts, soundtracks, movies and even new hardware, like the Nvidia PhysX. ¿Who knows how it will become in the next five years?

It would be unfair to talk about video games and don’t say “Hello!” to my friend Ernesto Galvez, he is the CEO of a video games company called Immersion Games. He’s a great friend of mine and sometimes he let me slip into his office to play Cell Factor for hours (I love that game!). He is an adult now, but is a really cool guy.

My problem with video games is that I can’t stop talking about them. I think is time to go back to the real world and do my chores.

See you soon!


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