Google G1: Too many questions on my mind

Hello again. I’m back. This time I was thinking on writing a little regarding my first experience around Facebook, but I guess that post can wait for a while (anyway, right now I just have three friends there).

¿Why? ¿How could I ignore the Google G1 announcement? It’s amazing, there are thousands of articles and blogs talking about it. I wonder about how Google can influence the world every time they decide to release something (whatever it is).
Some days ago I posted about Google, and truth be told, the Google G1 brings to me more questions when I have enough with the unanswered questions in my mind about the company behind the new phone.

Many things to say: Now Google is getting into the phone market, a new place for them, and of course, a new way to get bigger. So bigger that Microsoft is planning to sue it soon, or at least, it’s the whisper surrounding the Internet. This seems very ironic to me. I mean, the big company which was accused for “illegally thwarting competition in order to protect and extend its software monopoly“, now is feeling threatened by Google. I ask: ¿Did somebody accuse Microsoft when that company started selling Windows Mobile?
The war between technology-related big companies looks very funny to me. I mean, all of them want to have the market monopoly and they try a lot of tricks to make that wish come true. But if someone else can win the battle, then that’s absolutely unfair; a crime! They are like a handful of “Cain” trying to look like “Abel“. ¿Don’t be evil? Come on!

This situation reminds me of a nice quote from a great movie:

I’ve lived long enough to see the future become history, Professor. Empires crumble. There are no exceptions
               Dorian Gray, from The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

¿Is this the beginning of the long end for Microsoft? Maybe. But I don’t wanna lose my focus; the very possible new big brother: Google.

With the G1, Google is opening a new door widen its domain over user’s data and user’s behavior in another pretty big dimension. With GPS and people using Internet services like Gmail or just browsing, now it would be possible to know everything about users, even where they stand while they are buying something from eBay (for example). In some way, it’s like having a global RFID system (Think about all the possibilities and of course, the legal issues). ¿Too paranoid again? Maybe, but ¿Who could say what is the future of the phone market now that Google is in? or even more, the Google’s future? ¿What will be the frameworks and languages programmers will embrace to develop phone apps for the next years? ¿How big will be the piece of cake for Google in the phone market? Many questions, like children often do (I’m still one, I guess).

The only thing I must admit I admire about the way that company is expanding its power, is that they are using and creating a lot of Open Source Software to reach its goals. For example, Python is highly used for all the Google web applications, Linux is supporting all its data center infrastructure, Squid is used for cache functions inside the search engine, Firefox and Webkit (based on KHTML) source code was used to create Chrome, and surely there are many other free software tools supporting the giant’s operation. IMHO, Google showed to the world what some other companies were trying to in the last years: Open Source can take over the Software Industry.

A good evidence about it is Android, the operating system of the Google G1: the kernel is Linux 2.6 (by the way, I would like to see a mobile phone running the Windows Vista kernel), the applications framework is based on Java, Opencore is behind the multimedia features… ¿Do you see my point? The new phone the whole world is talking about is supported by 100% open source. Correct me if I am wrong, but I couldn’t find evidence to the contrary. I wonder why too few reporters are talking or writing about it. I repeat: a 100% open source  based phone is the new product of Google! and it isn’t a humble project, a lot of people started to compare it with the Iphone from the G1 launch day. That means a lot to me. I guess, this is a pretty good time for Free Software 🙂

Well, I could make this post endless, but I need to stop here. Just before, I want to share with you an interesting quote I found by accident:

And the farmers will go home at night and work on the source code

                                       Bill Gates at 2002 (Taken from The Register)

As far as I know, Larry Page and Sergey Brin aren’t farmers… maybe they were, or they will be?

Skating time! See you later 😛


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