“Too many questions, kid” (???)

That’s it. I’m sad. I’m mad. You wanna know why? Ok, I’ll tell you. In my last Algorithms class, my teacher was talking about the basics about language semantics and syntax. Then he said: “And all this is the compiler’s job“, so I asked: “But how?”, he answered: “It just does it“, so I asked again: “Yes, but how?“, then he told me: “Don’t worry kid. Compilers do their job very well and for now, that’s everything you should care about“. So, I said: “But I wanna know how it works” and then he said it: “You do too many questions, kid“.

I got so mad that I left the classroom. Can you believe it? I mean, What’s the reason of going to class if you can’t make questions? What’s the role of teachers but explain what students can’t understand?
I must admit I’m so confused. Maybe college is not my place, maybe I should study on my own, like my little friend Mathew does. Yes, I know… Mom would kill me.

As usually when I get depressed, I started to browse around the Internet and then, I found something very interesting: “The Hacker Manifesto“. I guess you already know it, but honestly, I didn’t (until today). It was written after the author’s arrest in 1986 (I didn’t born yet but the text is awesome!) and I found it very interesting, but don’t get me wrong; I know the difference between a Hacker and a Cracker (although mainstream media never does it). What I found pretty cool about the Manifesto, was the honest sense of pride for the pursuit of knowledge. The pure need of teenagers (MY need!). I must say this was so beautiful for me.

Just right now, I wonder about the educational systems around the world. What’s the right way to teach? What’s the right way to learn? What’s the role for us, the new generations? I just want to understand the world, I just want to make it a better place… I love to learn but the only thing I got from college is a huge wall with a big message: “You do too many questions, kid“. Fortunately, I got Internet, I got search engines, I got Wikipedia, I got myself. Learning isn’t a matter of my teachers, now, learning is a matter of myself… now, _I_ define the questions and _I_ find the answers. Quite simple.

Today, in my class, I forgot that I can figure out “how a compiler works” by myself, I forgot that everything depends on me. Maybe that’s the new educational system (What do you think?), maybe teachers aren’t teachers anymore, maybe everyone’s a teacher. What if the knowledge building is a collective process without leaders, without red lights? What if this is a new age for education? I’d like to know what other young people think about it. I’ll appreciate your comments, because I’m still sad.

I feel guilty and I don’t understand why. Yes, I am a criminal. My crime is that of curiosity… and I’m not going to stop.

Bed time. See you.


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