The return of the GeeK

Yes, I know… I have been a long time away from blogging and that attitude has no pardon for a 100% techno-cyber-virtual kid like  me. A real geek has no chance to do that. My apologies!

December was a pretty busy month for me. Not only because Christmas family activities (Mom never lets me scape from that),
but because I started to learn C++ and the Qt toolkit, and I must admit it, I was trapped by code and the compiler issues for days and nights (I even had to leave my skating routine, aaargggh!!!).

I already know some script languages (as Perl and Python), but I wanted to deepen my knowledge in some traditional languages as C, C++ and even Assembler just to feed my curiosity as computer science student. But after almost two months I realized one important thing: I can’t abandon the rest of my shores any time I get obsessed for some new project or idea I find around the Internet from time to time.

My life is changing… I guess, and I was thinking a lot about it. Let me quote some lines from a very old movie I like pretty much:

When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child, but when I became a man, I put away childish things. What? It’s Corinthians one, chapter thirteen verse eleven.

Cereal Killer, from Hackers movie

Sometimes I’m too compulsive, I know, but which teenager isn’t? I assume I must control the force within me… Am I getting older? Is this part of growing up? Maybe.

However, now that I am doing my second semester at college, I must be more responsible and use my time better. Every week I get more tasks to do, so if I don’t organize and respect my schedule my life will be a real horrible mess.

So, let’s put things in the right order!

Too many events have happened from my last post, so I just want to name them quickly to update my blog in an easy way:

– The Mono project’s rol at the Obama’s Possession. I still wonder about the great job of the Mono developers team a couple of days before the United States president’s possession to allow Linux users to watch the presidential oath using Moonlight. In my opinion, this was a clear demonstration about what a handful of determined geeks can do. Moonlight rules! Free Software rules! 😛

– Windows 7 or the Microsoft’s chance to fix the catastrophe called Vista. If I’m right, this is the first time that Microsoft is releasing a complete  operating system before the official product releasement. Did they do it with Vista too? I don’t remember… but what is important about this is that Microsoft has started to follow the development practices described in the book “The Cathedral and the Bazaar” (written by Eric Raymond). Now world users will have a direct rol in the development of a Microsoft product (Windows 7) before it becomes commercial. This is the Open Source way! 😀

– Massive wave of job cuts in the IT companies around the world. When I decided to study computer science, I always thought that it would be very easy for me to get a job, in any country, at any season. Well, now I have to change my mind about it. I wonder about the numbers, just in USA probably 1.000.000 jobs would be cutted along this year. It worries me, not only for my future, but the future of many people. I hope world economy comes up soon. I would like to understand what’s going on… but it looks too complex for me yet 😦

Ok. That’s it for now… time to keep studying and to skate for a while. I’ll be back soon… I promiss!!! 😛


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