That bug called L0v3…

Hello again to everyone. The first thing I want to tell this time, is that I’m very happy because there was a lot of you reading my last post. The blog admin panel showed me that more than 800 people were checking my page at the first day, which was stunning for me. I have to say that I love to write on my blog because it’s a pretty nice place to express my ideas and feelings, and that’s all, but then, when you realize that a bunch of some geeks are paying attention to you, oh! this is great.
I’m just 18 years old, and maybe this is not a big deal for all of you, but I must confess that you made me feel like a rockstar for a minute, so that was pretty cool and because that I want to say: T-H-A-N-K Y-O-U! 😀

Ok, now let’s talk about what happened the last week of my life. Ever since I can remember, I felt attracted to technology stuff: computers, Internet, gadgets, you name it. As a geek, the most time of my days has passed with a few friends in the real world and virtual spaces like IRC, MSN or Facebook have become the natural places where I show my face to the rest of the mankind. Definitely to socialize is not one of my outstanding skills, but anyway, what geek does it? We are always so friendly when we are on-line, aren’t we? when we are bits flowing through the network, when the computer screen becomes our shield against reality, but so quiet and shy when we are in the middle of a real party meeting real people. LAN parties are exceptions to the rule, of course! 😉

I don’t want to stigmatize the “computer guys” generation that grew with me, but most of my geek friends are so reserved as me. But you know something? I think is right, I mean, it’s a feature! If Microsoft can label its bugs as “features”, why timidness can’t be a human feature? It shouldn’t be a problem, right? well, It isn’t… except when you fall in love.

Some days ago when I went out looking for CDs around the neighborhood, I meet this pretty girl. She isn’t the first awesome woman I meet, even more, there’s a lot of pretty girls at college, but this time something different happened. For some reason, when I saw her I got frozen. My operating system crashed down, it was in kernel panic, “init 0“, “poweroff“, “halt“, I don’t know how to explain it but that girl turned my world upside down and the only thing she had to do was to appear and since that moment I can’t stop thinking about her.

I wonder about this, I mean really, because this is the first time of my life that I feel all this stuff in just one dose: anxiety, uncertainty, stress, insomnia, worry, sorrow, adrenaline… all those emotions coming from your heart when you are in love. Yes, I’m in love for the first time and her name is Angie, no doubt about it.
Curiously, once I asked to Mom: “How can people know when they fall in love?” and she answered to me: “It’s simple, you just know it!“. In that moment I couldn’t understand it, but right know, I got what she meant exactly. Love is one of those experiences that you can’t explain with words but that you’ll only understand truly when you experience it.

If you ask me, I find a very close similarity between love and software vulnerabilities. In some way, I could say Love is a bug, because:

  • It’s unexpected. You’ll never know when it’ll appear
  • It changes the behavior of your system. Usually, strange features pop up where you wouldn’t guess it
  • If you want to remove it from your box, it’ll take you some time
  • Sometimes it can be a “zero day“, so you have no way to scape from it
  • When you think your system is safe, then a new vulnerability appears and you fall again
  • Any system is vulnerable. It doesn’t matter how young or old you think you are
  • It takes many forms. There’s no just one kind of it, but a lot

Maybe I forgot to include some other points, but if you wanna help me with the list, suggestions are welcome 🙂

The curious thing about all this, is that Angie isn’t a geek. She is a normal person and I don’t know if a romance between us could work, but I bet it is too early to guess what will happen because, truth be told, she still doesn’t know me. What do you think about relationships between geeks and non-geeks? any story to tell? Comments and advices are very welcome, because right now I’m just a newbie of love platform 😛 (Oh God! I sound ridiculous :S)

Sneaking around the Internet, I was looking for information about the topic. As you already know, the Internet is a place where you can find data about everything, so I thought: “I need to find the Love Howto (if something like that exists)“. After a couple of hours I gave up, but I found two funny links that I want to share with you:
* Learn to love on-line
* How to write a love letter

I found some interesting tips there, but I already understood that love is a pragmatic science, so as I said before, only by living the process you can really learn. That’s part of life, I guess.

Like usual, Mom was right: “Every day has it’s own surprise“, now I have to deal with this new experience in my life. As far as I write this post, I’m a system infected with that bug called L0v3

Skating time, see you later pals!


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3 Responses to “That bug called L0v3…”

  1. sinisterff Says:

    It is a bug indeed..

  2. winkert Says:

    I too once was like you were my most active social settings were the internet. Sometimes I still am a little like that but I was kind of thrown into a world of real people my sophomore year of college because of the guys I was living with.

    My advice to you is to just talk to her. Be yourself. I don’t want to say that you shouldn’t go out of your way to talk to her, but there is a thing about subtlety that works out better for everyone. I have come to a point in my life at 21 that I realized it isn’t best to be brash and rush into things (even in computer repairs because what if it was just a software error not hardware and you are going to replace the whole computer?) and just be yourself. Be you. Be casual and have confidence in yourself.

    That is the real bottom line: Love who you are and know that you are worth her time. Love yourself, know yourself, and be yourself; then there won’t be any problems and it makes it a lot easier to approach a social setting such as dating.

    *The above advice comes from a 21 year old who has been perpetually single. Of course, the woman he is interested in is out of the country so…you get the idea. 😉

  3. cibertito Says:

    Hello Winkert and thank you very much for your advices. I feel they come from your heart in a pretty honest way 🙂

    I’ll go slow as you say, with patience and being myself. Wish me luck my friend! 😛

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