About my blog

Me! :P

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog… my name is Tito… I would like to write something inspired just in this space, something worthy to be remembered by the eternity, but I think I found better lines browsing the cyberspace. This words were written by someone else, but they talk for me:

“I know you’re out there. I can feel you now. I know that you’re afraid… you’re afraid of us. You’re afraid of change. I don’t know the future. I didn’t come here to tell you how this is going to end. I came here to tell you how it’s going to begin. I’m going to hang up this phone, and then I’m going to show these people what you don’t want them to see. I’m going to show them a world without you. A world without rules and controls, without borders or boundaries. A world where anything is possible. Where we go from there is a choice I leave to you.”

Neo, from the movie “The Matrix

Legal Disclaimer: All posts from this blog, represent my exclusive personal opinion about life, technology, the Internet, the world, my little dog, or whatever topic I want to talk about it, all this, using my right to free expression. If you don’t share my ideas, you can write your own blog. Internet is a big big place, so make your own space and enjoy it! Attentively, Tito


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